Monday, January 6, 2014

My Winter Wardrobe

If you run into me, just smile and we'll exchange pleasantries.  There is no need to comment on my outfit because, you see, it is likely the same one (or a similar version) as the last time you saw me.  Hey, I am not ashamed!  I found a cute, comfortable look, and I'm stickin' with it.

I never really knew how I felt about leggings outside the house.  I was all for them for inside but shied away since I was undecided.  But then Pinterest Told Me To told me that it was okay as long as you abide by a simple rule- cover your "crotchal" area.  (Her word, not mine.)  Sheaffer, at PTMT, swears by the Hue 'Ultra' Leggings with a wide waistband.  This seemed like a good compromise- I would spend a little bit of money on my leggings and minimize my fear that I would be caught out in public with what might as well be this hose in the sunlight.  Sheaffer buys hers at Nordstrom, but I saved a few dollars buying mine here.  They really are great!  Plenty thick.  Plenty long.  (I'm 5' 8", so that's a biggie.)  And, best of all, that keep you sucked in!  Who wouldn't spend a little extra moolah for that feature?!  

So my next task was to cover my crotchal area.  Done and done!  I found this wide neck tunic in fun spring hues and accidentally bought it in every color.  There is also a tan color I bought in-store, if I'm being completely honest.  Enjoy that side view picture because you won't be getting many of those.  I just wanted to show you that this tunic is a rule follower.  And for less than $12 a pop, why not buy it in every color?!  

So there you have it- my winter uniform.  Tunic, leggings, scarf, boots, fun jewelry...and out the door or cozied up by the fire.  

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