Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My December Favorite Things

I'm excited to link up with the Favorite Things Party for December!  As the holidays roll around, you likely find yourself thinking about gifts to give, holiday party wear, and New Year's resolutions.  At least those are three things that are bouncing around in my head, and they've inspired my favorite things for the month.

I sincerely hope that Santa saw this monogrammed phone case on my list!  It was bolded, highlighted, and on there three times!!  These monogrammed phone cases by mgramcases are so stinkin' cute I had a hard time choosing just one to feature here.  You owe it to yourself to peruse the pages of cute designs!  You're probably thinking, "Did she forget that these are our favorite things under $10?"  That's the best part!!  This beauty come in right on the money- $10.  At that price, who doesn't need a monogrammed phone case this holiday season?!

As you plan out your festive outfits for upcoming holiday parties, don't forget the details- like your manicure.  I always do my own mani because I like to change out the color frequently, and let's face it, it chips too easily to spend a bunch of money.  I love, love this Sinful nailpolish!  It's sold at lots of major retailers- Walmart, Target- but I get mine from Walgreens.  They put it on sale about once a month, and you can get it for less than a dollar a bottle after bucks, points, stickers on your sticker chart, whatever it is they give you.  The best part- the one dollar manicure will last for a solid week!  I don't get that kind of result with my OPI polish.  Consider me sold on Sinful nailpolish.  
Not to brag, but totally bragging, in a few short weeks, I can say that I read through the Bible in 2013.  This was always a feat I considered impossible this side of retirement.  But I made it a priority, gave up the misconception that I could read before bed without falling asleep, sacrificed a bit of my morning sleep time, and did it.  I am so grateful for this experience!  It is wonderful to start my morning with scripture. I also really enjoy this One Year Bible.  You read a section from the Old Testament, a section from the New, part of Psalms and Proverbs each day.  (You actually read through Psalms twice during the year.)  I like the mix and bite-size passages each day.  Let's face it- there's only so much Lamentations a girl can take.  I hope to get another translation and read through it again another year.  I encourage you to scoop up a One Year Bible for under $10 and resolve to read through God's Word in 2014.  

I would love for some of my favorite things to become yours!

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